ALPHA-CIM designs technical BAS solutions integrating all the data necessary for the precise and complete operation of a site.
The sites may involve several buildings to different degrees.
The different facilities are duplicated through an open software solution using market protocols.
Our teams study and propose solutions that modernise the lives of users. Smart tools and sensors communicate via smart coordinated interfaces across optical fibres.
ALPHA-CIM is an integration company capable of giving advice while ensuring the follow-up of files with its partners on behalf of its customers.

GTB sécurité surveillance Ile de France

Our solutions are based on Windows architectures, they integrate all the different components: energy, HVAC, fire, lighting, access control, lifts, parking, metering, consumption, flow rates, weather, video, etc.
The interfaces are standardised using solid, standard and industrial protocols.
Our technical choices are oriented towards open, simple and easily maintained solutions, enabling fast familiarisation.

Our video and image recognition solutions can be integrated into the hypervisor software that we integrate and for which we are certified.
The different divisions are governed by key modules that are interoperable with each other. ALPHA-CIM organises layers of dialogue in order to automate and optimise their operation.

ALPHA-CIM proposes geolocalisation systems for the response officers. We are solution providers that ensure the traceability of safety and security personnel movements, studying the sites and their particularities.

ALPHA-CIM develops intrusive video solutions allowing stakeholders to make a guided intervention using a nomadic system.



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