ALPHA-CIM provides 4.0-type solutions adapted to new technologies, with the digital challenge bringing new features for the use and operation of a site.

All of the operating rules for its divisions are governed by coherent and structured divisional databases, ensuring perfect and rapid coordination for the management of an installation.
ALPHA-CIM changes the lives of its customers by providing solid and sustainable solutions.

Industrie 4.0 Ile de France

ALPHA-CIM teams are in continuous training to ensure that they are in tune with their industrial partners in the market.

The teams operate in such sectors as petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, handling systems, administration, industry, etc.

The expertise of the teams and the regular updating of their skills on modern connected tools enables us to meet to the required performance demands of the situations encountered.

The production lines are becoming smart, focussing all the data around coherent, efficient tools, while offering greater flexibility.