Airfield lighting, baggage handling, access control, OSU fire monitoring

ALPHA-CIM integrates sensitive and complex technical solutions, with teams trained to meet the most relevant demands made by emergency response personnel.

We implement turnkey command & control applications for CAT3 airfield lighting solutions, using smart modules from the ground through to the control tower. ALPHA-CIM is a manufacturer of “ISAC” electronic modules for the management of ground-based air traffic, we manage routines in accordance with the rules set down by airports and civil aviation bodies.

Our ISAC product is an industrial system coordinated via optical fibre. The system has been designed using all the experience gained through our years working with many airports, while the concept is simple and open for quick maintenance. The system performance and response times are in accordance with the ICAO Annex 14 standard.

ALPHA-CIM is a command & control systems integrator for turnkey airport baggage handling systems. We simulate using specialised software to optimise the facilities and their capacity. We integrate EDS 3 on both new or existing lines.

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For more than 25 years, ALPHA-CIM has been deploying smart systems for access management and border control. ALPHACAD is a universal tool that can be applied to solutions which require regular changes, while ensuring the electronic monitoring of document management. The applications integrate the video matrix systems that are a part of their design.

The generator is an automatic tool that also enables the integration of an “OSU” solution. This solution is open to the integration of different manufacturers’ systems on the same architecture via OPC UA concentrators. We have numerous references in many fields such as universities, national test centres, airports, industries, aeronautics, etc.

ALPHA-CIM manages the smooth roll-out of operations, under adverse or crisis situations, while maintaining control in real time.

Our goal is to focus the decision-making units on the one system and to do so collaboratively.

We provide accurate monitoring that is capable of integrating fluctuating forecasts between several activities concentrated on the same system.

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Runway lighting

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Baggage handling

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Access control

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Fire safety